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Phantom of the Kill, shortened as Phankill, is a Japanese Tactical Role-Playing Game developed by Fuji&Gumi Games. The player, known as a commander, summons a team of warriors, known as Killer Males and Killer Princesses, in a gauntlet of strategic turn-based battles played out on a board emulating the environment of the battle. As the player proceeds, he/she can boost the units' stats and rarity, either by Fusing, Evolving, Enhancing, Reincarnating, Awakening or Class Change, increasing their power and allowing the player to take on tougher missions.

The game was released in Japan in October 2014, and globally in May 2015. However, the global server officially closed down in July 2018. The Japanese version is still active, however, and is available for Android players in Japan.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The game has five modes:

  • Story Quests, which follow the journeys of Killer Male Zero (Terra), Killer Princess Tyrfing (Elysium), and Killer Princess Almace (Lost Ragnarok).
  • Event Quests, which give the player EXP, Zenny, and other materials needed to progress through the game.
  • Character Quests, which unlock duel skills for units that have met sufficient conditions.
  • Colloseum, a PvP arena where commanders' units fight one-on-one in teams of five.
  • Multiplayer, which allows commanders to duel on an arbitrary battlefield.

To play Story Quests, Event Quests and Character Quests, Activity Points (AP) is spent in order to enter the level. AP does not return if the commander is defeated or retreats, but one AP regenerates every five minutes if the AP is under the treshold, free AP refills are available through the Daily Missions Menu every four hours (40 AP in the global version per refill, and 100 AP in the Japanese version per refill). However, the commander has a limit to how much AP he can hold (twice the treshold amount in the global version, and 500 AP in the Japanese version). In battle, the commander controls up to six units on a battlefield grid, where certain squares can provide certain bonuses. To win, a certain condition must be fullfilled, usually defeating all enemy units or surviving for a certain number of turns. On the other hand, defeat occurs when all of the commander runs out of ally units, though one lazuli may be spent to resurrect all units and continue the round.

In Colloseum, one CP is used in order to enter battle. In battle, a unit is taken from each team and is made to fight the other until one is victorious. This repeats five times, and the team that wins the most rounds is the winner.

In Multiplayer, each commander controls a team of five units in a battle system similar to Story, Event and Character Quests, except that each player can only move one unit within 15 seconds per turn.

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